Fun, Food, Fireworks and Forgetting About Ourselves Down at Seapark on Saturday NightTaken on my mobile on Saturday night

There was a note on the closed doors of Holywood Baptist church on Saturday night that I'm sure deavastated many young people in the area. It gave the awful news that Youth Club was not on. However, there was an alternative, it wasn't quite Youth Club, but it wasn't bad. 
Those who caught the scent of freshly baked pizzas and doughnuts and followed it like a bloodhound were led to the place where it was all happening. Or, if you were a bit stuffy from catching a cold because of the low temperatures, maybe you followed the sound of classic and contemporary tunes coming from the very able music group, The Jukes. Either way you would have been led to the same place. The community event at Seapark was on. 
The advertising promised fun and it has to be said that they delivered. The rides were excellent, although not tested by myself-I like to feel the ground at my feet at all times- but they did look fun from where I was standing.
They also promised food and it was there in abundance. Freshly baked pizza was a highlight for me- another reason I didn't test the fun-level of the rides, as much as I enjoy pizza I didn't want to see it reappear and go spreading out over an innocent crowd.  
But the best was saved for last. The fireworks. They lit up the sky like... well, like fireworks.  
There was something lovely about a whole crowd of people being in awe and wonder in unison. For a few moments everyone there was caught up in admiring the same thing. For a few moments no one was thinking about anything other than how big and colourful the fireworks were. For a few moments everyone forgot about themselves and thought about something bigger. 
Moments like that are part of the reason why I am a Christian. They remind us that being in awe is part of being human. That's why so many people go to the Grand Canyon every year, or to Niagra Falls, or to see Mount Everest. They go to forget about themselves and be in awe of something bigger. 
We were made to be in awe of something even bigger than all these things- Someone bigger. The One who made the colours and shapes that the fireworks display. The One who made the night sky that the fireworks brighten; the stars, the moon, the invisible sun, He threw them into place as if they were fireworks. 
Psalm 19:1 says "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork." On Saturday night, as with every other night, that they did. 
I pray that those who were there had fun, enjoyed good food and when they saw the fireworks, even for just a moment, forgot about themselves and thought about the One who we were all made to be in awe of, and more than that, to know personally. 

Aaron Williamson, 01/11/2012