IimageT'S NEARLY HERE!!!       

It's nearly here!! I know that excitement has been building the past few weeks and most of us can think of little else, we're all having to try and get ready for it, knowing that we probably won't be when it comes. For a lot of us it will be our favourite day of the year. It will bring new things for us to enjoy and let us give things to others.
Yes the church library is nearly here. It is arriving in the Minor Hall. (Try not to scream "The library's coming!!" a la Buddy in the movie Elf when he heard Santa was coming. I won't if you don't) Here are two reasons why it's so good:
1. It gives you access to loads of great books for free. Enough said.
2. It lets you bless others with a book. To pay for the library you can 'Adopt a Book' and pay for one. It is more blessed to give than to recieve after all! If you want to do this see the list underneath the stairs.
The library's coming!! Sorry, I said I wouldn't. 

Aaron Williamson, 12/12/2012