Help For your new year resolution


I know I'm a bit late but for those of you resolving to read the Bible better in 2013 here are a few reading plans to help you on your way.
Robert Murray McCheyne Reading Plan- This takes you through two Old Testament books and two New Testament books at the same time. 
Professor Horner's Bible Reading Plan- This is a seriously heavy one, not for the faint of heart. You read TEN chapters a day from ten different books. A tough one but well worth the commitment.
Read the Bible Chronologically in a Year- This is an interesting one where you read the Bible through, not in the order that it appears in your Table of Contents but chronologically instead. So you read the Psalms of David at the points in 1 and 2 Samuel
 when it is thought that David wrote them. You read Paul's letters in the middle of reading Acts etc.
The Bible Eater Plan- This encourages you to read 2-3 chapters from the OT everyday and 1 from the NT. It also gives you four days off a month to catch up!
So there are some ways to read the Bible this year. To finish, here is an article warning how not to read it!

Have a good 2013 and remember that reading God’s Word is to be a privilege to enjoy, not a duty to be endured!

Happy New Year!

Aaron Williamson, 04/01/2013
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