BOMB in Holywood

The word bomb normally means something very bad in Northern Ireland. On 
Saturday night past, however, we had some people at SNATCH who are claiming that word for something very good, and not just as dangerous. The group BOMB, which stands for Believers On Mountain Bikes, were along to do   their thing.
The group of guys, who piled out of their van like the A-Team, brought with them their own mountain bikes and turned the sports hall into a racing track. They then put all of us (yes, including the leaders) into teams and raced us against each other. The night was finished with a talk which included some excellent video presentations. 
The whole evening was a total blast (pardon the pun) for a few reasons:
1. Seeing Tim Marshall expertly riding around on a tiny bike and lapping the young people and then explaining that the reason he is so good is because of riding his daughter's bike. Hero.  
2. Getting to actually come first in one of the races. My cycling prowess did not match up to Tim's and generally I came last. But in one race I was able to push JD over and take advantage of the fact that the guy who was leading thought he was finished when he actually wasn't! Amazing.
3. Seeing the young people really enjoy the night and interested in the talk.
4. Learning from the BOMB guys about their passion and perseverance in doing what they love. They clearly love bikes and they love sharing the gospel and have married the two in a wonderful ministry. It's great to see people using their gifts and passions for Christ. However, such a ministry is demanding
 of time, money and effort, no matter how much we love it. Yet they keep going and persevere for the sake of the gospel and the people they are trying to reach. There is a lot to learn from their passion and perseverance. 
So thank you BOMB NI, we had a great night and hope that you did too. Keep going in reclaiming what BOMB means to people in Northern Ireland, may people come to associate it with a passion and perseverance for Jesus Christ. 

Aaron Williamson, 09/04/2013