A Few thoughts on the summer so far

The blog has fallen into a state of disrepair recently and if anyone noticed or cared I would profoundly apologise. As it is I don’t have to.

I’ll offer two excuses for the lack of posting recently. Firstly I’ve been away in Spain on a team with Baptist Missions and secondly I’ve had nothing clever to say. I had planned to do a few more posts on the whole Facebook thing but our night with Angie Minion said it all. If you want to know anymore ask her or someone who was there, or read the book ‘Will You Be My Facebook Friend’ by Tim Chester. Anything I would say would have been plundered from there anyway. 
Lately I have zipped off into a few different directions geographically. A while ago I paid a visit to Omagh, then I was in Carrickmacross and, as I said, I’m just home from Spain, then I was up at the north coast for a few days at New Horizon. Here’s a few things that spring to mind as the dust is settling behind my heels. 
Firstly, Spain do much better barbeques. I had undoubtedly the best BBQ of my life at the house of our friend Pablo (who paid a visit to Holywood Baptist last summer along with Laura). There was plate after plate of all kinds of meat in a million different  seasonings and sauces. I’m just about recovering from the meat sweats. It certainly beats the single burger and charred sausage you get here. Although Benny and Jane did do an honourable job of a good BBQ at home group.
Secondly churches are never simple but they are places of genuine love and fellowship. Churches get a bad rap, especially in Christian circles. We are very quick to be critical of our own people. However, in the places I have been I have seen and received incredible care and love. In our criticisms we forget the fact that so many people, from lots of different generations and backgrounds, get on so well in serving and worshipping God.
Lastly, as the man says; God is still in the business of saving people. In the past few months I have met tough doormen, tarot card readers, people in abusive relationships and even farmers who have been transformed by the love of God. Christ is still calling people to Himself. 
It’s easy to focus on the negatives and be discouraged. I think sometimes we prefer to do that because then we excuse ourselves from having to do anything.  But if we open our eyes we will see that God is still building His church and the gates of hell still aren’t able to prevail. In the west of our Province, over the border, in Spain and here in Holywood, God is winning the battle. 
So there you go. I hope your having a good summer. If there’s anything God has been showing you recently, why not drop a comment in below and share it with us.

Aaron* Williamson, 26/07/2013