Your standing in a field and an old man is ploughing the soil. What do you notice? Maybe you notice the blue sky above. Maybe you see the cows hanging around and you get a bit nervous. Maybe you notice that there are no shopping centres or coffee shops for miles and miles. Seamus Heaney sees legendary poetry.

Or you see an apple fall from a tree. What do you observe? A health and safety hazard? An opportunity for one of your 5 a day? Isaac Newton sees gravity. 

Conversely, you are standing at Portstewart harbour on one of the three clear evenings of the entire year. The sky is turning blood red as the sun lowers herself into the ocean. You are awe-struck. And there is someone sitting on a bench texting on their phone, seemingly oblivious to the explosion of amazingness that is happening all around you.

Why do some people seem to see beauty and discovery in the most average of places? And how can some people stand in front of places of exceptional beauty and be unmoved? 

The old adage is that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. I couldn't disagree more. 

Beauty is not something that you conjure in your mind. Beauty exists, it is out there, not in here. It just needs to be seen. 

Every atom in the universe is a miraculous work of art by the Greatest Artist who ever was and is and is to come. He spoke it into being and crafted and moulded this existence to showcase His glory. Beauty is all around you. You just need to open your eyes. What beauty is there around you today? 


Aaron* Williamson, 24/09/2014
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