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You can see it coming. It looms on the horizon and could spell disaster for many many people. Most of those around you don’t see danger, there are those who won’t even consider the possibility of it happening. 

That’s the situation that Winston Churchill, among others, found himself in in the years between the First and Second World War. He recognised that Germany was hurting and that she was rearming. He could see that the rise of the Nazi party could only lead to conflict. He tried to warn the people of Britain but was amazed at the lack of response. He wrote in 1934, five years prior to the outbreak of war in Europe: 

I marvel at the complacency of ministers in the face of the frightful experiences through which we have all so newly passed. I look with wonder upon the thoughtless crowds disporting themselves in the summer sunshine, and upon this unheeding House of Commons, which seems to have no higher function than to cheer a Minister; [and all the while across the North Sea], a terrible process is astir. Germany is arming.

People seemed to be going on about their daily lives, enjoying the summer, and cheering on politicians who were, seemingly wilfully, ignorant of the disaster around the corner. But the country did not want to hear about another war. They had been through that already. Wars were a thing of the past, modern people talked things through and could achieve peace. 

Churchill didn’t give up. He warned that Britain needed to arm herself, to be prepared for what was coming. As a result he was scorned and went through what he called the ‘Wilderness Years’. There was no place in government for an old-fashioned, scare-monger, like him. He sacrificed his political career in that period trying to save the country that turned him into a pariah.  

That is the situation we Christians find ourselves in today too. We can see a day of reckoning around the corner. Not the rise of a terrible tyrant but the coming of a just King who will bring all before Him to give account for our lives. We warn that everyone must act now. To leave it until later is too late. We know we will be met with the response: 

"Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.” 2 Peter 3:4 

But don’t give up. Keep warning. The need is greater than ourselves. The wrath of God is at hand and the only rescue is found in Jesus Christ. 

Churchill is today honoured as the greatest ever Prime Minister of Great Britain. One day we will be vindicated. One day all will know what we know. Share what you know now.  


Aaron* Williamson, 14/04/2016
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